10 Questions With Neada Deters

In our first feature we're sitting down with Neada Deters, founder of LESSE. 10 questions about her personal pursuits and a glimpse into the DNA of LESSE.


How did LESSE start? Tell us about your background and how you got into skin care.


I was formerly an editor covering beauty along with fashion, travel and interiors. I had the opportunity to try every product on the market but I couldn't find organic products that had the efficacy I was looking for, though I knew it was possible. There was also a lack of representation with few products taking into consideration skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, which I had. I decided to take the experience I had as an editor and work with an organic formulater to create formulas that are uncompromising in efficacy and ingredients. That was the start of LESSE.

Q: What are your daily rituals? (Skin, morning routine, day to day practices)

N: I like to take my time in the morning, drink a cup of coffee out in the sun and be away from my phone before I start the day. I'll then wash my face with cool water, add a boost of hydration with our Regeneration Mist, apply a few drops of the Ritual Serum, and finish off with an SPF and lip balm. In the evenings, it's a similar skin care ritual but I wash with our Refining Cleanser, then Regeneration Mist, and finish with the Ritual Serum. I always stop work to enjoy the sunset with my husband, and then read to wind down.

Q: How do you decide what products to make? 

N: We always focus on what products are most essential to support skin now and long term.

Q: Are there any specific ingredients you do not use? Why?

N: We don't use any palm oil, mineral oils, dyes, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens or alcohol in our products. These are ingredients that are either known to come from unethical sources, such as palm oil; can be triggering for sensitive skin, such as synthetic fragrances; or could have long term adverse effects, such as parabens.


What change do you hope to bring to the beauty industry in the future?


I hope our less is more approach to skin care paves the way for an alternate way in the industry; one which isn't driven by trends, defined by weekly product releases, and eventuates in so much waste

Q: What is in the store for LESSE this year? Any plans for product expansion?

N: We have a few essentials launching, which will be our first products to launch in two years. These are essentials that you carry around with you, and need more than once or twice a day. 

Q: Proudest accomplishment?

N: Taking the leap to start my own skin care brand, in an industry so largely defined by major conglomerates. 

Q: What is your advice for people who want to try to dip their toes into the beauty business?

N: Invest as much time as you can into research, and be unwavering in your pursuit of knowledge and innovation always.

Q: Can't live without beauty product?

N: LESSE Ritual Serum

Q: What is in your makeup bag / beauty cabinet?

N: LESSE Refining Cleanser, Regeneration Mist, Ritual Serum, Bioactive Mask, and a few products that I can't reveal just yet! Eyelash curlers, Kjaer Weis mascara, Eres Lopez eyebrow gel, LESSE Everyday Comb, ROZ hair oil.

All images courtesy of Neada Deters. Find her online >